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About 212 PHOTO BOOTH Rental

Inna & Elliot Erlikh are the Founders & Owners / Operators

As A2Z PARTY, Inna and Elliot began as a small family business successfully planning and performing primarily at children’s birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs. 

The business expanded in services and equipment and developed an impressive local vendor and talent network and team throughout the years.  

Growing the business for over 25-years, they have trained-and-employed and mentored many dedicated young people, while sharing values and teaching responsibility and teamwork.



TRADE SHOW SELFIE STATION is the LATEST INNOVATION in the photo booth rental industry and is particulary cost-effective for lead generation at trade shows and event venues.

A2Z PARTY is also known as 212 PHOTO BOOTH (800) 220-7278

More about A2Z PARTY (aka) 212 PHOTO BOOTH

It wasn’t long before our clients began recognizing ability and requesting a wider-variety of party entertainment and services, and inquiring about event planning and party services for adults too.

In response, Inna led the effort to develop extensive relationships and an exclusive professional network of diverse and talented staff, entertainers and performers – including DJ’s, Magicians (Mentalists and Illusionists), unique Dancers of all varieties, a bevy of Clowns and Costumed-Characters… many of whom are now highly-recognized for both their talents and good works.

Now as 212 PHOTO BOOTH, we’ve become not only a leader in the industry but also an innovator as we feature the hot, new business-centric SELFIE STATION technology and service for trade shows and venues. 

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2478 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11223

Tuesday – Saturday: 9am-7pm
Call: 7 days-a-week until 9pm

1010 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10022

Tuesday – Saturday: 9am-7pm
Call: 7 days-a-week until 9pm

309 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Tuesday – Saturday: 9am-7pm
Call: 7 days-a-week until 9pm

1803 Stillwell Avenue, New York, NY 11223

Tuesday – Saturday: 9am-7pm
Call: 7 days-a-week until 9pm

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Please We have been successfully serving prolific NYC and national corporate brands, small businesses, and individuals for over 25-years. 

Our leadership and event team is based in New York City, however, we provide photo booth and trade show services throughout the United States. 

Wonderfully organized, smoothly ran, impeccable professionalism.
Irene Kletzl
Party Planner

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