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Instagram Selfie Station

Professional Tips for Your Instagram Selfie Station Event


Branded signage at the Trade Show Selfie Station activation activation provides an attraction and guides the guest or Attendee to the PEEK SELFIE STATION.  We use a branded frame that includes your logo or hashtag.


The ideal Instagram SELFIE STATION activation placement is accessible and visible but does not block the natural flow of the space. 

Pick a visible attractive area everyone will see to hang your signage.

Don’t place near doors. Place close to where all guests will pass. Trade Show registration desks often make a good SELFIE STATION activation location. 

Red carpet can make your guests feel like they’re on the A-list. Other popular activation options include a flower wall, balloons or even a custom backdrop or step-and-repeat printed with your theme, artwork or branding.

Themed Photo Props

Everyone in the event and party planning industry knows that themed props make photo booth activations more fun. They’re a terrific icebreaker for your party and support your event theme. 

We can provide popular props (glasses, hats and signs) oon request at no additional charge. You can also purchase a variety of inexpensive novelty items and props from a party store or from 

We also design and provide Custom-Designed Themed Photo Props, at a small additional cost. 

For those seeking more creativity, our professional and talented graphic design team is ready to make any event theme intensive.


Make it easy to use.

We provide an operator onsite to make sure everything flows properly, and others are so simple you just have to plug them in and turn them on.

When making your choice, be sure to take your audience into consideration. Go with something that is foolproof, easy to use and that takes quality photos. Make sure your solution has a high-quality camera, an easy-to-use interface and proper lighting for a flattering and professional effect. The last thing you want is guests growing frustrated with your equipment or cringing at unflattering photos.

Offer built-in sharing options.

If you’re going with a photo booth rental, consider choosing a model that has built-in sharing options. With a few clicks, your guests can have their photo uploaded to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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