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What is a Selfie Station KIOSK?

SELFIE STATION KIOSK ismodern photo booth rental that is made for fun and engineered for business. The complete package we provide to our clients includes:

  1. EQUIPMENT – Use of SELFIE STATION Photo Booth
  2. SOFTWARE – Access to Event Management Platform
  3. SERVICES – Graphic Design, Event Set-up, Tech Support

Both versions of the modern interactive touchscreen photo booths implement the same equipment (hardware) and software which is designed for promoting branded social media photos and videos, aka #selfies.

What makes a SELFIE STATION different than a Photo Booth?

A SELFIE STATION provides entertainment however it has been further designed for business lead generation and sharing content on social media, and each event is customized and connected within a cloud-based event marketing platform, with a live gallery and a visual reporting dashboard.


SELFIE STATION KIOSK w/ LIGHT RING is an interactive touch screen photo booth that completely automates the guest experience. The physical kiosk is under 6′ tall and can be custom-wrapped to increase brand awareness. The look of the stylish kiosk elevates and compliments themed-decorations and branded-backgrounds for powerful messaging at the activation.

No Attendant is required.

TRADE SHOW SELFIE STATIONS are Disrupting the Entire Photo Booth Industry

SELFIE STATIONS are photo booths, that are “Built for Business”. PEEK Kiosk does not require a full-time attendant, and can be managed remotely at lower-cost for longer activations. PEEK-A-BOO is hand-held and therefore mobile, meaning it can go anywhere. Our Experiential Event Management Platform makes it manageable and possible.  

SELFIE Videos Playlist

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