Animated GIF for Photo Booth Rental

Get your guests moving and animated with GIF’s for Photo Booth Rental. The ability to offer Animated GIF’s is a feature of all of our photo booths. It’s super fun and easy for you and your guests to create and share animated GIF’s.

Guests stand in front of the vide0-enabled Photo Pooth or Selfie Station (with professional backdrop or green screen upgrade), and begin omving or dancing or play-acting, or… The only limits are space and gravity and your imaginations. Fun props will be made available, and you can also provide your own props or request event-themed or branded custom props, hashtags, etc.
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Tower Magic Mirror Photo Booth with Animated GIF

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Animated GIF for Photo Booth

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Animated GIF for Photo Booths & Selfie Stations

212 PHOTO BOOTH is the proven and leading provider of animated GIF photo booth experiences for parties and events in the Tri-State Area. We have the most photo booths and offer the most unique party experiences, usually at the best price. We invest in staff training and the latest photo booth technologies and the best photo booth equipment to ensure your guests have lots of fun while creating the perfect “themed or branded” animated GIF’s, photos, and even video at your event.
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Upload Animated GIF to Social Media

Complete photo booth packages and our new Selfie Station installations all include the ability to upload your animated GIF’s to social media on the spot, or print to a special high-speed professional dye-sublimation photo printer. We provide the software capabilities and can offer to bring the Internet connection to the event so your guests can immediately share the animated fun on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. If no Internet can be available while taking photos, our animated GIF photo booth will save your work offline to allow you to upload to social media when you do have an internet connection.

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What is an Animated GIF?

Simply, the GIF is a computer file format for making and sharing short animations. In 1987 the Graphics Interchange Format  or “Animated GIF” was introduced as a file format with an effective compression method for creating simple animations. Usage of the Animated GIF quickly became widespread on the Internet and now the GIF is the ubiquitous preferred file format for simple animations.

Animated GIF photo booth options include:

  • GIF Overlay
  • Animated Overlay
  • Animated Backgrounds
  • Frame Delay
  • Square GIF’s
  • Animated Frames
  • Social Media Upload

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Photo Booths Animated GIF Fun

With Animated GI Fand our photo booth technologies you to add one or multiple backgrounds so that the photo booth users can choose one of the backgrounds and it will be superimposed behind them on the photos they take. They can even see a preview in real-time. Now you can have a branded backdrop for a business or at an event without the expense, time, and logistics of having a custom backdrop printed and shipped. You can get creative and have photo booth fun using unique photos with matching custom props.

Custom Photo Booth Experiences with Animated GIFs

You may choose to have Animated GIF’s at no extra charge instead of having physical photo prints at your photo booth event, (depending on photo booth model). If you choose to have the Animated GIF is either an add on to a complete photo prices normally range from $150 -$350 and completely depending upon the level of customization required.

Animated GIF’s w/ Green Screen

Green Screen is recommended for indoor installations and not usually suitable for changing light or inconsistent light conditions.
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