Bad Photo Booth Poses

Avoid Bad Photo Booth Poses

Avoid Bad Photo Booth Poses That Will Haunt You

Every weekend all around New York and the surrounding area, people experience and love 212 PHOTO BOOTH’. But it can go wrong. We will help you and your guests from embarrassment of inappropriate poses.


Bad Photo Booth Poses are the Opposite of Classy New York!


Bad Photo Booth Poses That Will Haunt You

We will do our professional best to keep everyone happy, safe and controlled, while maintaining safety and protecting expensive equipment. Our professional photo booth attendants will both hype the engagement experience, and capably monitor and control the crowd at the booth installation.

We help you make the right pose for the best results.


Don’t Drink Too Much and Take Inappropriate Pictures

Is there a usual judgement drinking-impaired situation at the photo booth? There is nothing wrong with having fun and being yourself but remember that the photo booth keeps digital copies of every shot.

Avoid These Five Bad Photo Booth Poses!

Grabola – Ladies please don’t do this – this pose of grabbing each others breasts can come back to haunt you. Often this does not end well and the wrong person or people invariably see the image. Have fun with your girlfriends but don’t share too sexually-oriented physical expressions of friendship publically and with the unknowing onlooker.

I’m Tough Guy – No, you do not look tough… you look constipated (most-likely) LOL. People, it’s all fun. total tool and that’s posing like a tough guy!

I’m Miley – If you are not swinging through the room on a ball & chain… it’s Inappropriate. And we all know what that simulation means. With or without children present, not a good look. Just don’t!

Quacky Duck Face – This wacky pursing of the lips… Duckface is not sexy or cool or attractive – or just limited to Photo Booths. Kanye and Kim are so public and rich “it don’t matter what they do”. But NO DUCK FACE for you or anyone caught doing this pose should reconsider life (at the photo booth)! (see 2 and 3 below).

Clothing be Damned  – The human body is beautiful and amazing. But nudity even when just simulated (let alone real) is not appropriate in this setting. Keep your clothes on and make no exception to this rule! You wouldn’t think this has to be emphasized, really but… you know people! LOL. These slips or semi-nude pics are always regretted the next day. Don’t put yourself or your host at risk or embarrass them please.

Bad Photo Booth Poses
Bad Photo Booth Poses

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