Flipbook for Photo Booth Rental

We set-up the photo booth and complete package installation at your event. Guests are staged in front of the camera with fun props or branded props. Guests are encouraged to dance, play-act and jsut have fun in ront of the camera while we record the video. Once the guests approve the short video, we print and slice and dice and bind the small book right in front of their very eyes.  Every participant receives their own flipbook and unlimited copies are available while working at the event.

Custom Add-on Flipbook for Photo Booth

Flipbooks for photo booth installations are an added feature, and NOT included in the Standard Package. Please discuss your options and additional costs (if any) with your 212 PHOTO BOOTH Event Planner.
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All Photo Booths Support Flipbooks

Guests will “flip over” their flipbooks and smile when they can see their video inside
The whole process just takes minutes and guests will forever have a customized keepsake from your event. We average making as many as 30 flip books per hour per attendant.

What is a Photo Booth Flipbook?

Photo Booth flipbooks are a small book with a series of pictures that when manually turned (flipped) rapidly, the pictures become a printed representation of the video clip.

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