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6-feet tall and gorgeous, loads of fun, and a huge hit at every party?

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This modern photo booth features include an amazing special touch-screen interface with animations and voice-guidance, a hi-resolution DSLR camera for sharp big images, and a powerful computer to make it all work. Add innovative professional photo booth software that makes it fun and easy to share on social media or email, and now you have a party. Add custom GIF animations, shoot real video, choose form 100’s of green screen backgrounds – or customize your own, and many addition  customization to enhance or brand your event.

This  Giant Interactive Mirror Photo Booth is part of a complete photo booth package; and is available for open photo booth installations only.

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Giant Mirror Photo Booth for Events

Your guests will be captivated by the magnificent Tower Magic Mirror Photo Booth – the tallest interactive mirror photo booth available at 87″ inches, and it makes a huge impression!

The Tower, like all official Magic Mirror Photo Booths combine a premium Canon DSLR camera with the most advanced photo booth software, for the most extraordinary experience. TheBooth is unique and elite among photo booths when considering size, technology, modern style and function.

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Photo Booth Features

  • Special Reinforced Rectangular Mirror Glass
  • Embedded Touch Technology
  • Strobe Flash
  • High-End PC
  • Speaker
  • Canon DSLR Camera
  • Professional Lighting
  • High Definition Color Printing
  • Social Media and Email Sharing
  • Multi-Touch Support
  • Voice Guidance
  • Gesture and movement detection
  • Colorful bright animations in mirror user-flow
  • Photo signing or colorful and customizable emoji stamps.
  • Screaming Contest
  • Social Games.
  • Custom branded colorful photo countdowns

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Animated GIF (short stop-motion video) Photo Booth Feature

Watch the video below to see how easy it is for your guests to make a custom-branded animation, and then share your experience on social media and by email.

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Customization and Social Media Sharing

One of the most popular features of the 87″ tall Tower Magic Mirror Photo Booth is the ability to customize and share media (images, video, audio and Animated GIFs) by email or (even better) Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is the exciting choice for branding and sharing experiences from high- profile corporate events and trade shows. And your wedding  reception guests will absolutely love the email sharing option to share the important event with the important family members and friends that could not attend.

Multi Language Photo Booth Display and Voice Guidance

This photo booth speaks your language, and that’s bueno! We can customize the experience so th photo booth speaks in most languages and the colorful display is also translated correctly.
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Less than 1% of US Competitors have the Tower Mirror Photo Booth

The vast majority of photo booth companies do not have one single interactive Mirror Photo Booth, much less a Tower Mirror Photo Booth. This mirror photo booths is very expensive to purchase ($25,000) and the technology requires a higher-level of technical skills to operate. This is a big photo booth and a big investment in staff, training and equipment, requiring a minimum of two operators to set-up the installation and attend the experience efficiently.  Hurry, this rare and exclusive type of photo booth is usually reserved months before an events! Call (800) 229-7278  / (800) A2Z PARTY – 7-days a week (9am-9pm).
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Wedding & Corporate Event Customization

The 212 PHOTO BOOTH design team can also create custom branded graphical user-flows or make available a wider array of add-on features to include in the interactive Wedding Photo Booth or Corporate Event photo installation. Consider voice guidancegesture and movement detection, or entertain and brand to guests with colorful bright animations displayed on the mirror user-flow. The touch screen can be used for photo-signing or colorful and fully customizable emoji stamping. Take your own chances with a “Screaming Contest”. Guests can play social games. We can create a custom colorful photo countdown from your images.
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Technology and Custom Magic Mirror Photo Booth Experiences

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth hardware and technology is modern and powerful but it’s also easy and fun for the guests to use. The interactive visual or audio presentation attracts attention and gets the photo booth event rental attraction noticed.

  • Print Unlimited Copies
  • Premium Animations
  • Mesmerizing LED Ring
  • Photo Signing & Stamping
  • Supports Any Print Size
  • Supports Photo Strip Printing
  • Email Sharing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Kinect Background Removal Feature
  • Movement & Gesture Detection
  • High-Tech Unbreakable Glass

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Contact Us to Reserve Tower Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Contact us to find out more about our extraordinary Tower Magic Mirror Photo Booth! Reservations can be made via the official website, as well. Make your event one no one will ever forget by renting our new 87″ Tower Magic Mirror Photo Booth may just be the perfect choice for you.
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The Magic Glass Makes the Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Glass that performs as a true work of art. Magic Mirror Photo Booth glass is a brilliant pure reflection on a top-quality mirror with amazing transparency quality producing crisp, crystal clear graphics. No one has ever had the mirror’s glass break. It’s durability was tested with a hammer strike and the glass remained intact.
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Tower Magic Mirror Photo Booth Animations for Special Event Types

We have over +200 premium animations for the Tower Magic Mirror Photo Booth, all ready to take your event over the top. Each animation is professionally created to offer bright and colorful graphics that engage guests. These animations are tailored to specific events and even offered in a variety of different languages. All animations maybe customized with professionally recorded voice-overs.
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Magic Mirror Photo Booth Photo Stamping & Signing

Guests like personalizing their keepsake with this unique and interactive photo booth print signing & stamping feature. When the Signature feature is included in a workflow, guests will have the ability to draw or sign their name directly on the mirror, which will then be printed out on the final image.



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