Green Screen for Photo Booth Rental

By replacing the photo booth installation backdrop with a green screen backdrop (and implementing chroma-key photography, we can add a completely different background to your final prints and shared images. This customization makes Photo Booth Green Screen Photos, Video and Slow-mo Video, and Animated GIF’s possible.
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Photo Booth Green Screen
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Photo Booth Green Screen Pharma Corporate Event Gallery

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All of Our Photo Booths Support Green Screen

All of our modern photo booths support the green screen feature. Green Screen Customization for Photo Booth Rental is an added feature and not included in standard Photo Booth Rental Packages. Please discuss your options and additional costs (if any) with your 212 PHOTO BOOTH Event Planner.

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Photo Booths Green Screen Fun

With Green Screen and our photo booth technologies you to add one or multiple backgrounds so that the photo booth users can choose one of the backgrounds and it will be superimposed behind them on the photos they take. They can even see a preview in real-time. Now you can have a branded backdrop for a business or at an event without the expense, time, and logistics of having a custom backdrop printed and shipped. You can get creative and have photo booth fun using unique photos from far-out places with matching custom props.

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Custom Photo Booth Experiences with Green Screen

Green Screen prices normally range from $150 -$350 and completely depending upon the level of customization required.

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Green Screen Lighting Conditions

Green Screen is recommended for indoor installations and not usually suitable for changing light or inconsistent light conditions.

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