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modern photo booth trade show selfie station

Trade Show Selfie Station - How It Works

Selfie Station Turns Attendees into Brand Ambassadors

Guests & Attendees take a Selfie by engaging with the interactive attract screen of the PEEK (fixed kiosk) and PEEK-A-BOO (mobile light ring) Trade Show Selfie Stations

The entire guest experience is pre-designed and customized with the client before the event. Guest media capture options include: Single Photo and Video or Boomerang Video. Digital props, filters may be included as fun options.

Corporate customization is optional and includes complete branding and guest experience customization.

Guests & Attendees email themselves a link to a pre-designed customized mini-website made for social media sharing  and “click”, they instantly become an authentic Brand Ambassador!   

Guests & Attendees

PEEK & PEEK-A-BOO turns trade show attendees instantly into Social Media Brand Ambassadors.

Clients & Management

Clients and managers access a secure real-time dashboard with access to event reporting. Increase ROI!

Trade Show & Event Staff

Draw more attendees and see selfies empower your staff to seamlessly acquire leads at any event.