Morphing for Photo Booth Rental

Guests can morph into another person, thing or an animal with our photo booth morphing technology! We can design and set-up custom and branded morphs for your event and allow your guests and users to morph into each other, or a celebrity, or superhero! The fun and the possibilities are endless.


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Custom Add-on Morphing for Photo Booth

Green Screen for photo booth installations are an added feature, and NOT included in the Standard Package. Please discuss your options and additional costs (if any) with your 212 PHOTO BOOTH Event Planner.

How does Morphing for Photo Booth Work?

We simply line the user up and take a single photo of them in front of our background with the pod, and then the magic happens and their morph is created. The morph is more than simple fade of two images, they really do morph with features blending and stretching, using some rather clever and complex stuff that we think is mystical. The morph can be branded with an overlay and can be exported as a GIF or a movie file. All morphs are available to view and share by email or post on social media.

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All Photo Booths Support Morphing

Photo Booth Morphing is a great photo booth add-on for wedding receptions, film or movie premier parties, and any corporate event for guests seeking more fun. Guests will be amazed and beside themselves when becoming someone or something else with photo morphing.
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