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Selfie Photo Booth Process for Trade Shows + (Step 3)

trade show selfie station photo booth

Step 3 - Initial Engagement Screen

Choose from the Provided Attract Screens or We Can Customize for Your Brand or Event!

The colorful interactive Attract Screen interests and engages the guest or attendee. All packages include a large selection of Attract Screen Images and Video options at no additional cost.

We can also create original Custom Branded Attract Screen using your company or organizations logo and messaging and electronic assets.

Experiences Options

  • Single Photo
  • Animated GIF
  • Boomerang Video
  • Photo Layout 
  • Screen Background Replacement
  • Digital Props
  • Digital Filters
See examples below


  • Left, Right, Top, Bottom or Grid
  • Default Options or Customizable
We create custom branded buttons at additional cost.  

Step 3 - Initial Engagemnt Screen

  1. Choose from Default Attract Screens 
  • Initial Experience Options – Customizable
  • Experience Buttons Options – Customizable

This is where the physical and emotional engagement begins with the the trade show attendee through the interactive touch-screen and  

Default free options for all packages. Every digital asset can also be Customized and may include an additional cost.

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