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This new Interactive Trade Show Selfie Station technology cost-effectively creates engaging branded photo engagements and sharing experiences for attendees and guests.

Create brand, cause and event awareness and promote brand advocacy at trade shows and conferences, corporate events, or at any party or wedding venue.

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Interactive Touch Screen Photo Booth Selfie Station

This new Interactive Trade Show Selfie Station technology cost-effectively creates engaging branded photo engagements and sharing experiences for attendees and guests.

Create brand, cause and event awareness and promote brand advocacy at trade shows and conferences, corporate events, or at any party or wedding venue.

Innovative Marketing Machine & Lead Generation Technology

Technology transform industries, and photo booth engagements are incredibly entertaining and popular – because people universally enjoy taking pictures of themselves, and share those branded selfie images and videos on their own social media channels.

You’ll soon agree that this is far more than photo entertainment; this is a tactile innovative marketing machine and lead generation/nurturing technology for generating brand awareness and advocacy, as well as generating gigs of amazing media and content for your own marketing.  

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Next Evolution of the Photo Booth

This is the next evolution of the photo booth; and an exponential opportunity for event managers and organizers of conferences and trade shows to increase awareness and turn attendees or event guests into brand ambassadors.

  • Remote Event & Equipment Management
  • Real-time monitoring of views and social shares
  • Data Analytics & Capture
  • Client Dashboard

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Less-Expensive Longer Photo Experiences Installations

Day/Multi-Day Selfie Station Engagements

Photo experience engagements are now available by the day or multi-day installations. Longer trade show and installations return the highest ROI. Installations are usually unmanned, however friendly trained photo engagement attendants are also available on request – recommended when adding onsite branded photo template printing.

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Branded Fun Photo Features for Guests

Still Photos: Allow your guests to take a standard still photo with an overlay border of your choosing. Guests can then share their photo and even print a physical copy.

GIF Animation: Guests can take a series of photos that the combine to create an exciting stop animation that can be shared on social media. Guests select a background to be placed in real time. GIF and Burst can be added to green screen to create GIF/Burst, green screen animations.

Burst/Boomerang: captures a series of photos in quick succession and creates a great live action “photo”. Select reverse to create awesome boomerang GIFs ready for sharing.Green Screen: provides a live preview of your guests superimposed on a background of your choosing. Green screen works for still pictures, GIF and Burst.

Animated Backgrounds: Take green screen to a whole new level by animating the backgrounds to create fun GIFs or boomerangs

Colorful Animated Attract Screen: Choose from many animated and colorful start screens that will entice interactivity and engagement.

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Branded Sharing

Text Messages: Snappic allows guests to share their photo via text message by simply entering their phone number. Text messages are included with Snappic packages for the USA and Canada *Fair usage rules apply

Emails: customize your events look and feel and send stunning emails to each guest within seconds.

Social Media: post your photos to a Facebook album or Facebook page of your choice. We support offline Twitter sharing and sending Instagram-ready MP4s via email.

Web Landing Page: choose from multiple custom styles to add your specific branding and make it your own.

Printing: wireless print server for mac or windows, print to any printer including AirPrint printer. Print templates included.

Slideshow: run on a big screen or projector at your events using the slideshow app for windows. We configure how many photos get displayed and brand with your logo or banner advert.

Filters: allow guests to choose filters to apply to their photos or automatically apply a filter/layer filters to create a unique look and feel at your event

App Media Gallery: only photo booth app to feature an in-app gallery where guests can access previous photos and then share again or even print on the spot.

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Marketing & Intelligent Data Capture

Branding: powerful options from customizable branded emails, landing pages, text messages and twitter messages so your guests can share a memorable brand experience.

Analytics: Track how many people have taken photos. Emails, phone numbers and twitter handles can be downloaded in a convenient Excel spreadsheet. Functionality to send your clients a secure link with full access to all the event analytics.

Data Capture: our custom data capture form customizes what information you capture from guests; including numbers, text fields, drop downs, multiple select and more.

Custom Branded Overlays:


Customized Online Gallery

  • View in Dashboard
  • Shared electronically
  • Displayed as a Live Feed



Our modern, minimalistic and stylishly photo booth is an interactive light-weight mirrored-ring, within a branded kiosk. Attractive yet unobtrusive small footprint.

Branded Photo Events + Social Sharing

Customized event #selfies featuring your brand and messaging are shared immediately via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text and email.

Remote Management and Monitoring

Our remote cloud-based platform makes management and monitoring not only possible, but simple and easy. All activity and sharing can be monitored by you and/or the client, onsite and in real-time.

Tech Support

Event technical support is also available during the event, and is a 24/7 service.


Customize the Entire Selfie & Sharing Experience

Complete control:

  • Branded Landing Pages for event
  • Vinyl-wrapped Kiosk for visual branding
  • Social Sharing
  • Emails
  • Url’s
  • Text Messages
  • Social Messages


Guests personalization:

  • Digital Props, Filters & Overlays, and Animated Green Screen Backgrounds

Data Collection Compliance:

  • Optional Disclaimer before sharing


  • Real-time monitoring views & social shares
  • Data Analytics & Capture


  • Onsite color printing (prints templates)

Sharing Station  



  • Custom Emails
  • Custom Text Messaging
  • Custom Microsites
  • Custom Photo Templates       


Customized Mini Website are Branded event specific website landing pages

We can create branded landing pages for your guests’ photos. Micro sites are an excellent solution for branded photo delivery as well as web traffic measurements. They can facilitate post-event photo and gif sharing, ensuring your event makes an impression long after it’s over.

Additional Features


Animated GIF compiles a series of photos into a single stop animation which can be shared via social media, email or SMS.



Allow your guests to select a background and then be instantly placed on that background in real time. GIF and Burst can be added to green screen to create GIF/Burst, green screen animations.



Burst takes a series of photos rapidly and then reverses the animation to give it an extra wow factor at your event.


Quality Visual Analytics

Monitor every action taken at your event, and send beautifully crafted, data-rich reports to clients that will feature insights that exhibit the value of your product.


Additional features


Offline Queue Management


No need to worry about internet, if you are offline or have a spotty internet connection our system will safely store and queue the images (and any other info) and send it up to the server once you have Internet. There is an advanced queue manager where you can see which photos have uploaded and you have the ability to re-queue the photos and manage your storage.

Cloud Based


Run numerous events simultaneously or edit your event without having to even be on site. The cloud based software allows you to remotely create or edit your events, making scaling your business easy and efficient.


Real-time Monitoring


The great thing about cloud software is you can monitor it from anywhere in the world in real time. Check how many photos are being taken, view their shares and keep track of multiple events from one easy to use dashboard.


Parties & Private Events


  • Digital Props*
  • Cloud Storage/Management
  • Animated Attract Screens
  • In-App Gallery
  • Custom Branding
  • Emails Included
  • Social Media Integration
  • Frame Layout creator
  • Printing
  • GIF and Burst (boomerang)
  • Custom Disclaimer
  • Text Messages*
  • Filters


Marketing & Analytics for Trade Show or Conference


Everything for parties plus…


  • Analytics
  • Customizable Microsites
  • Slideshow App & Web
  • Custom Data Capture
  • Customizable Emails
  • Client Portal
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Animated Overlays
  • Green Screens
  • Priority Support
  • Password Protected Gallery
  • Advanced Vision Analytics (AVA)
  • Enterprise Bolt-ons



  • White-Label URLs and Emails
  • Additional Share Station – per/event

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Host/Hostess (Mobile) Selfie Station Installation

The same benefits for yur guests and event with the human, professional touch. Encourage constant engagement with the Mobile Selfie Station Photo Booth and a Trained Hostess/Host.

Innovative Trade Show Lead Generation and Marketing

The trending popularity of selfie walls, selfie stations and photo booth selfie mirrors is exploding. The incredible popularity of selfies with major corporate brands and celebrities has caused more marketers to look at the Selfie Station as a powerful marketing tool.

Selfie Stations are great for a small business and new brands needing valuable exposure on social feeds, or an agency planning an experiential installation and innovative marketing for a Fortune 500 client.

The Selfie is Innovative Marketing Gold

Selfies predominate on Twitter and Instagram so that your guests tendency to upload such images can mean marketing gold for your event and brand. When celebrity Ellen Degeneres snapped a selfie for Samsung at the Oscars, everyone noticed. That “selfie exposure” is now thought to have been worth over $1 billion in advertising to the giant technology brand. Major celebrities were featured prominently in the selfie along with the Samsung logo. And that selfie became the most retweeted file in Twitter’s history. In fact, the “Samsung Selfie” had many more viewers on social media than of the event itself.

Lower-Cost Unattended Selfie Station Photo Booth Photo Booth Selfie Station

Many larger corporate events and trade shows now require a leaner minimalistic photo booth installation, and may not require a full-time and experienced photo booth attendant on-hand at all times. The photo booth attendant will set up the installation before event launch and then remove the installation at the end of the installation. No Full-time Attendant Equals Lower Cost for You Multi-Day Event. Not having a full-time photo booth attendant at the venue reduces cost significantly, and an additional WiFi enabled tablet can be made available for at the installation to promote electronic sharing and earned ROI through qualified on-site lead generation.

  • Simple User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Use for Guests
  • Email and Social Media Sharing
  • No Attendant Equals Lower Cost
  • High-Speed Dye-Sublimation Printer (Optional)
  • Extensive Customization and Branding Possible

212 PHOTO BOOTH is your complete photo booth solution and professionally serving the entire Tri-State Area for over 25-years. We challenge you to find a single photo booth event company in the United States that has more actual photo booths or a larger variety of photo booth models available to rent for corporate events and private parties. Were the proven photo booth provider of choice for many of today’s top corporate brands, innovative marketing agencies, and best businesses and institutions in New York.  Our parent company the event and entertainment brand that has performed successfully at over twenty-five thousand events and nearly 1500 in 2018 alone.

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