Traditional Closed Photo Booth Rental with Pipe & Drapes Enclosure

The “photo booth” from the past. Go beyond the booth!Traditional Closed Photo Booth packages implement either the Open Air Photo Booth (which is interactive), or the Module Photo Booth (which is not interactive). In the Traditional Closed Photo Booth installation the photo booth is enclosed in a “pipe and drapes” enclosure and a bench is provided. The 3-image photo strips are often the popular free photo prints option with the nostalgic Traditional Closed Photo Booth Rental
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Budget Friendly Traditional Closed Photo Booth with Pipe & Drapes Enclosure

When combined with a pipes and drapes enclosure, the Open Air Photobooth is a popular photo booth for rent for private parties in New York. This model features interactivity, unlimited customization,  and unlimited themed photo prints for guests, and the versatility in function professionals demand. It’s easy to use this photo booth and it implements some of the best software in the industry, meaning it supports robust customization including: Social Media Sharing, high-quality Video, animated GIF’s, Slow-Mo, Green Screen, and more.


Michelle and the team introduce 212 PHOTO BOOTH and the cost-effective Open Air ® Photobooth, which is often used inside the Traditional Closed Photo Booth installation.

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Open vs Closed Photo Booth Installations

In the modern photo booth industry, the term “open installation” refers to essentially any type or model of photo booth that is not “enclosed”, meaning it is not a Traditional Closed Photo Booth< installation. While an Open Photo Booth installations can accommodate up to 20-persons (and possibly more), the number of guests inside the Closed Photo Booth Installations is limited by the size of the enclosure (6ft x 4ft commonly).

Complete Installation (5ft x 6-ft) w/ Props and Backdrop

The actual floor area required for Open Air Photo Booth installation with a backdrop is modest 5-feet x 6-feet. A bench or chair may be considered a good idea if anticipating anyone unable to stand safely or comfortably.

Open Air Photo Booth Size & Dimensions

The Open Air Photo Booth is comprised of two self-enclosed cases that are stacked for operation. The top case is 16” by 22” by 34” high; weighing approximately 50 lbs. Bottom case is 14” by 22” by 38” high, weighing approximately 50 lbs. When the cases are in use, they offer a compact 14” by 22” footprint and stand approximately 6’ high. Because it so smartly designed that one team member can both install and operate the equipment independently – lowering costs to you.

What’s Inside the Traditional Closed Photo Booth?

Canon DSLR Camera, Windows 64-Bit Computer and Touch Screen Monitor

The Traditional Closed Photo Booth Canon DSLR camera, Windows 64-Bit custom computer system and touch screen monitor interface;and professional dye-sublimation printer. These cases travel separately and easily nest on top of each other during use. Storage space is built into the bottom case for use during an event. Bottom case can also be used as a stand-alone unit for separate printing applications.

High Definition Images and Unlimited Prints

The digital prints are crisp and clear and unlimited copies are free. High-resolution imaging, superior print quality and speed are combined for the best results and experience. Studio grade adjustable lighting and Canon DSLR imaging technology is utilized to capture high-definition images. Professional dye-sublimation printer technology is incorporated to ensure the customer is provided a lab-quality print in as little as 8 seconds.

Photo Booth History

The first curtain-enclosed photo booth built by Anatol Josepho in New York City.

Green Screen Digital Backdrop

We can take your guests and their mages anywhere you want to go. The ability to take pictures with a digital backdrop utilizing Green Screen for Photo Booth Rental is also available with powerful Open Air Photobooth® Software.
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Traditional Closed Photo Booth Rental with Pipe & Drapes Enclosure

Traditional Closed Photo Booth Rental with Pipe & Drapes Enclosure

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